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Gallivanting Around Arizona

On the Copper Mines

The Copper mines is located in the Globe-Miami, Arizona, one of the oldest and largest copper districts in America.


Pinto valley mine is an open pit copper mine.

The Smelter

Arizona produces 64% of domestic copper.

Copper is its most valuable mineral.

The mines create tens of thousands of jobs for the people.

Some uses of Copper

  • as an electrical conductor
    • the average home contains about 400 pounds of copper
      • Electrical wirings
      • Pipes
      • Appliances (refrigerators, microwaves, etc.)
    • Required for semiconductors
      • Cell phones
      • Computer chips

Around the area are trees which are called “The Tree of Heaven“. It has been said that they were brought by the Chinese gold miners.

On Globe

It is also known as the City of Hospitality. It is located along the Historic Old West Highway.

Globe is a serene city. Not much activity when we were there.

One place worth visiting is the Pickle Barrel Trading Post.

It hosts a Native American gallery featuring fine art, jewelry, Indian crafts, antiques, and others.

It offers a uniquely Old West shopping experience.



The prices of the items are reasonable too.

The Salt River Canyon

It has very scenic view.

But not for those with weak hearts!

The long and winding road is narrow, one side is the mountain and the other side is a very deep cliff.

Below is a creek.

At the time we went on a road trip, the water is brownish. It rained heavily the night before the trip, thus the color of the water from the mountain.

Every one is advised to drive very carefully and follow the speed limit to avoid accidents.


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