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Memories, Floods, Millenial’s Ingenuity & Lessons Learned

These Memories from facebook prompted me to write this article.

Same day, year 2015 on our way back to Manila, Philippines from the Ilocos Region.

It was a very long travel.

We were not ready for it. We did not prepare. It was a very difficult situation.

There was no food inside the car anymore. What we brought with us we have eaten everything.

There was no more water to drink.

And we cannot just stop and go down to buy food because of the flood.

Lessons learned:

Do not travel even if the weather condition is good in your place of residence. You will never know the real condition of the places you will pass by.

Always wait for the weather condition to become conducive for long distance traveling. It is difficult to be stranded especially with kids.

Put extra pairs of clothes inside the car. Do not place everything at the compartment.

Bring lots of food which are difficult to spoil. Finger food is advisable also so that the kids will not get bored.

Cooked canned goods. Also, can opener.

Board games or cards for kids and adults will help alleviate the boredom while waiting for the flood to go down.

Bring lots of bottled water. A small ice box can fit inside the car.

Do not forget your car charger or power bank.

Umbrella is a must. If you need to use a restroom  the driver will always find a way, a place where you can do your thing even if the area is flooded.

You must have an extra cash. You will never know how long you will be stranded.

Being stranded on the street in 2015 was nothing though to what we experienced in 2009 when Ondoy or Typhoon Ketsana hit Manila.

In 2009, we were living at the ground floor of an apartment near the University.

Night of September 25, it was already raining hard. But we didn’t expect what happened when we woke up very early morning of September 26.

The water has already entered the 3-storey apartment. Our room was already full of flood water. It nearly reached our bed!

We transferred for a while at the landing of the second floor. We brought our basic needs for the day. The other stuff we put them on top of our beds.

We didn’t expect also that the flood will last for days!

Across the apartment was a small store. The millenials in the neighborhood were very helpful. Through them we were able to buy stuff from the store.

We put our money inside a plastic bag with a list of items we needed. We tied it on one end of a rope. And let it fell down below through the window.

They caught it, got the money and the list and gave them to the store owner. Once the items were ready, they put them in the plastic bag which we left dangling on the window. When done, we pull the plastic bag upwards.

It was a good thing the apartment was just a walking distance from SM Manila. After several days of flooding, we had no choice but to go down, walked in the floods with above the knee high water, and bought supplies at SM.

Eventually, we were evacuated at the adjacent building, 3rd floor, where we were given a room. We stayed there until the flooding was over.


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