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Lessons Learned From a Toasted (Burned) Whole Wheat

I am all for learning. Teachers should be continuous learner anyway.

I did not expect though that today I learned a lesson from a piece of bread. Yes you read it right the first time, a piece of bread. A super toasted as in burned whole wheat bread.

At the Linda’s Hossier Cafe I noticed one grandpa always has on his breakfast a burned whole wheat. It was not just toasted to make it crispy, but it was really burned as in black!

He was the only one eating bread that way in the cafe. I was intrigued. Well, I guess that’s part of me being nosey.

Today I have enough courage to ask him why he prefers his bread to be toasted burned. I greeted him good morning. I showed him the bread I was eating. “Mine is a little dark brown” I said. Compared to his bread which was really black.

He smiled and he said “I have been eating bread like this since I was 6 years old”.

He is now 78 years old. I asked “Really? You like it that much sir?” The grandpa is a US veteran. He served in the Navy.

And then he told me the story behind his favorite super toasted (burned) whole wheat.

He said when he was 6 years old, there was almost always no bread left for him. Other kids in the family were too fast for him!

Then there was one time he noticed that the pieces of bread left were burned. As in pieces of bread were left. Because they were burned they were left!

That gave him an idea. If the bread was burned not everybody liked it much so he can have as much as he liked.

He tested his theory.

Whenever he bought bread he ordered for the toasted burned bread. And true, no one liked them.

He got to eat all by himself!

He got used to eating whole wheat bread that way until now that he is already retired. He loves his bread toasted burned that way.

And another thing he likes only one piece of bread. Even if the breakfast combo is with the inclusion of 2 pieces.

He says I cannot eat two pieces. Why get both? It would only be a waste.

Let’s admit it. There are some people who are always after the quantity of things. The more they have, the happier they are.

Regardless if they can consume everything or not.

Which reminds me of the viral video on March 2016 of Chinese tourists in Thailand.

In the video, which has also been widely shared on Chinese social media, the hungry tourists are seen frenziedly jostling each other to get at the food and walking away with several plates of prawns (Daily Mail Online).

The Hotel staff were shocked when much of the food had to be carried away, uneaten (www.dailymail.co.uk)

Or, regardless if they really need it!

I am reminded of the Aeta tribe in the Philippines.

When the Mt. Pinatubo erupted in 1991 the Aetas’ life was disrupted. They used to live on the slopes of Mt. Pinatubo in the Northern Philippines.

I have read and heard stories of the Aetas in the evacuation centers years ago. They used to get only one mat for the whole family. One was enough for them. The others can be used by other victims. Compared to other families which got as many mats as they can from the distributors of relief goods.

Lessons learned.

1. There is always a story behind things.

2. Do not judge a book by its cover.

3. Do not think only of yourself. There are other people in this whole wide world aside from you.

4. Do not waste. If you cannot use the stuff leave it for other people to use.

5. Be considerate.

6. Do not be greedy.

7. For every problem or concern, there is always a solution.


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