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My First Trip: Thailand (Same Same Madam)

How can I forget Thailand? It’s the first country I have visited. My love to travel, Thailand started it all!

It was the first time I entered the international airport and alone.

I have ridden a plane before but on domestic destinations. And I was always with friends and family.

When I had company who was more experienced in traveling than me, I just went along. No hassle because usually my companions knew where we were going.

In Thailand, from the airport, to the hotel, to the places we visited, I have not experienced much language barrier.

We stayed at The Color Living Hotel in Samutprakarn.

It was very clean. The staff were very helpful to the guests. They were very courteous too.

What I like most about the Thais they were always respectful. When they talked to us, they did it with a slight bow.

They love King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Wherever we visited there was always a portrait of the King. He  was the longest reigning monarch. He died in 2016 at the age of 88.

At the night market near the hotel, one can shop smoothly. I became used to the vendor’s reply, “same same madam”, when I asked for the prices of the different items in her stall.

The clothes, the bags, and the sandals too were stylist and colorful.

I had fun haggling prices with the vendors.

I liked most of the Thai foods we ate.

And the rice cake was delicious too.I enjoyed eating almost everything. Except for the food with too much ginger in it.

The city at night time was spectacular!

We had a very relaxing dinner at a floating restaurant and enjoyed the scenic views.

We had light and feel good group conversation. We ate delicious Thai food.

What a way to have ended a very productive day.

This little decoration, the Thais believe brings good luck to the business. It attracts money.

I needed to have a picture with it hoping it would bring me luck also.

Has it? So far I can say yes 👍.


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