Month: September 2018

Bear Spotting Part II

No bears last night. No bears too this morning. There are elk instead. A herd of elk. We can’t get them though. No permit to get elk. Only for bears. And the season starts next week. It’s fascinating to see the elk grazing leisurely on the moutain. There […]

Camping Under the Stars

3:27 am @ Payson, Arizona. What an experience! And it happened on my 50th birthday. Initially I was scared to sleep under the open sky. But there are many campers. There are grandmas, grandpas, hunters and children around. Campers use different stuff: some get their RVs, others put […]

Outdoor Kitchen: Farm Style

  Wherever I go, I always look for two things: those which are familiar to me or the unique ones. The picture above was taken at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Superior, Arizona. The arboretum is located in the Sonoran Desert. It has 392 acres of beautiful landscapes, […]

Goodnight Moon

7:09 pm I am writing this article while on my swing. Facing east, looking at the moon. The bright moon rising above the mountain. The giant Saguaro Cactus silhouetted against its brilliance. I can hear the dogs barking from afar. I hear the sounds of cars passing by. […]