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How to Recover After a Strong Typhoon

Typhoon Mangkhut (Ompong) left at least 56 dead and affected the lives of 5.9 million people in the Philippines. (PhilStar)

It was the strongest to hit the country this year.

“Life is so difficult now,” lamented the farmers.

Their plants which can be harvested already in a matter of few weeks were damaged by Mangkhut.

A co-member in fb group, PDI (Pagtitipunan Dagiti Ilokano ) posted “pera na naging bato pa” (money turned into stone).

Their crops, mais at palay (corn and rice) were destroyed by the typhoon.

But she thanks God for they are safe.

Life is the most important.

Overseas Filipinos kept on monitoring their families and relatives.

It was so difficult because there was no power.

That means no communication for how may hours, even days.

A mother overseas worker said her husband’s crops were destroyed too.

“They have sown diligently but there is nothing to reap anymore.”

“How’s life going to be like after Mangkhut?”

These were the questions she asked me. And I told her, at least everyone in your family is safe.

Even their houses and other properties were destroyed.

The typhoon left the farmers with many questions:

Where are they going to get rice to support their families?

Where are they going to get the money to pay the private traders who loaned them capital in planting their crops?

Why didn’t the storm let them harvest first?

What are they going to do now?

The victims, the farmers, they need financial and emotional support.

They are facing economic and physical challenges.

They need to rebuild even if slowly.

Is there help coming from the government?

Senator Grace Poe calls for seed subsidy for farmers affected by typhoon Mangkhut.

NFA (National Food Authority) rice will be sold at the super markets already according to the Department of Trade and Industry.

NFA rice is cheaper at P27 and P32 a kilo.

The Philippine President has visited some affected provinces like Cagayan Valley.

There are agencies of the government distributing relief goods.

There are provinces which have been declared in a state of calamity already.

The international community like the European Union is extending help to the country.

The United Nations World Food Program has provided 20,000 bags of rice for distribution by the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

To everyone when help is offered accept it.

If there is no help being offered please ask for it.


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