eerie. waiting alone. cafe. patio. sheriff. grandpa with dog. female joggers. guardhouse.

Eerie Waiting Alone at Dawn

At Mesa, Arizona 5:10am.

It was still very dark.

I sat down at the patio to wait for 6am.

Some people were walking on the street.

There were female joggers.

There was a grandpa who jogged with his dog.

Not on the street though.

But in front of the cafe where I was sitting.

He stopped right near the fence of the patio.

He looked around.

He called his dog.

They moved on.

Eerie waiting alone at dawn.

I had seen a big guy on his bike.

He was singing loud on the street.

I knew he saw me when he passed by.

He went on.

But he glanced back at my waiting area.

He continued singing.

Eerie waiting alone at dawn.

Another big guy with his back pack sat at the picnic table near Walmart.

Some other days there was a female at the same area.

All her stuff were put on the table.

I heard her talking by herself.

Eerie waiting alone at dawn.

My waiting place is just across a retirement community.

I can hear the voices at the guard house.

I can see the driver of the Republic truck getting the trash.

I can see a man sitting at the bus stop.

Eerie waiting alone at dawn.

I saw the sheriff’s car passed by.

It made me calm.

I endured the 50-minute waiting time.


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