camping under the stars. rough it out. sleeping in open sky. peaceful night. milky way. brught moon.

Camping Under the Stars

3:27 am @ Payson, Arizona.

What an experience!

And it happened on my 50th birthday.

Initially I was scared to sleep under the open sky.

But there are many campers.

There are grandmas, grandpas, hunters and children around.

Campers use different stuff: some get their RVs, others put up tents, and canopies.

Many just slept at the back of their trucks.

Roughing it out!

At 8:10 pm last night, as I was trying to sleep, I saw the millions of stars above.

The beautiful milky way.

I woke up at 3am. Nature’s call.

I am writing this article under the open sky. The moon is so bright.

It is very quite. It is so peaceful!

People who do not know each other are sleeping in adjacent tents, canopies, RVs and trucks.

Enjoying the bright moon, the millions of stars and the peaceful night.

Thank you for another year of existence my Lord.

You know what’s in my heart. Thy will be done.



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