Month: September 2018

On Inflation: Duterte, NFA and Trump?

The Philippines has experienced a high 6.4% inflation rate in August 2018. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said it’s due to US President Donald Trump’s imposing higher tariffs on goods. Some government officials though believed otherwise. A senator said that inflation in the Philippines is self-inflicted. “A big part […]

How to Fight Inflation?

Inflation in the Philippines surges to 6.4% in August 2018. (BusinessWorld) Inflation is defined as the general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money. Prices soar. People are complaining about high prices of basic commodities. As I am writing this article a friend and […]

Tiny: The Tortoise

Are turles the same as tortoises? I thought so before that a tortoise is the same as the turle. I was partly wrong and partly right. According to experts: “turles can be aquatic, semi-aquatic or mostly terrestial.” That tortoises are also turtles. They live on land. They are […]