bear hunting. turkey hunting. tree squirrel hunting. pond.bear spotting

Hunting 2018: Bear, Turkey & Tree Squirrel

It was cold!

This morning hunt I used layers of clothes.

Yet, I still felt the cold.

Bears don’t go out if it’s hot.

Spotting time is only early morning and late afternoon until dark.

I spotted my first bear ever this morning but we did not hike to his location because it was too far from our spotting area.

We went instead to another location and hunted for turkey and tree squirrel.

We hiked for many hours. We looked for the pond where the turkeys usually have a drink.

Along the way, there was a tree squirrel.

He was on the ground when we first saw him.

He moved so fast. He climbed the tree.

But one shot and he fell down.

We didn’t see any turkey though.

At 4:46pm we were on the bear spotting area again.

Looking for the bear if he is still up there on the mountain.

We didn’t see the bear.

We met instead two groups of hunters.

Also looking for bears!

We will go back at dawn tomorrow.

Hope he will come out again.


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