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It’s Christmas Time

Christmas in the Philippines starts early.

I mean the playing of Christmas songs.

The putting up of Christmas trees.

People usually do these at the start of ber months – September.

I was fond of taking pictures of different Christmas trees.

The bigger, the more unique and the more colorful the Christmas tree was, the more that I liked it.

As if there’s a magnet with these decorated artificial trees. It pulls me towards them.

Some though decorate real trees near their homes as their Christmas trees.

I am sharing some pictures of Christmas trees in different places I have been to.

This picture was taken in one of the malls in Bacolod city, southern Philippines.

I attended a conference and presented a research paper. We had a side trip after the paper presentations.

This was taken at a hotel lobby in Singapore.

It was so tall and colorful.

It was taken at Bacolod City in the Philippines. At the hotel venue of a conference I attended.

This was taken in Singapore. At the hotel lobby where we stayed for 3 days.

The first Christmas tree I decorated in Arizona.

It was a recycled one but still looked beautiful.

For this year I have not started decorating a Christmas tree yet. I am thinking of a real one.

But the small tree I saw, a permit is needed to get it. Respect for the environment.

Maybe my little tree in front of the house would do.

It has a bird house and an elf hanging there.

And a set of solar powered butterfly string lights.

Christmas this year would be extra special for us!


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