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Bewildered at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I kept putting off writing this article.

Then I realized the experience made me more courageous and more confident.

It brought back my belief in the goodness of mankind.

My visit in Ho Chi Minh city just started off on the wrong foot.

First off, the taxi driver could not locate the inn where I was booked.

It turned out it was in a compound.

Second, I arrived very early and it was at dawn. My room was not ready yet. There was no other available room.

Third, the receptionist can’t understand me. She doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak Vietnamese language.

She accompanied me though to a nearby hotel which was also full at that time.

At least the receptionist there understood me. She even gave me a map of the city.

I walked to a nearby hotel. It was also full.

This was towards the end of March 2016.

The streets though were not deserted.

There were many street carts offering food and drinks. I ate at one of them. The owners were very kind. I stayed there until they closed.

People were busy chatting and eating.

After walking alone on the streets for how many minutes I found an establishment with a vacant room.

I initially was very scared walking alone. But after a while I realized it was very safe because there were still people outside, there were cars, and taxis. I just preferred not taking a taxi because I didn’t know what establishment yet to go. I felt safer walking.

The employee of the inn wanted me to pay first the room. I opened my wallet and was about to pay the amount. All of a sudden he said “oh you can just pay it tomorrow”. I had a feeling he had a glimpse of my wallet.

The room was very clean and big. It was comfortable.

The morning staff was even more friendly. She helped me book a tour of the city on a motorbike.

Ho chi minh is a city of diversity just like Manila in the Philippines.

In terms of seeing the richest and the poorest.

At one part of the city one can find the tall buildings.

In the same city, we visited a two-storey apartment where the less fortunate people live. The small rooms were crowded with the people and their stuff.

Food is everywhere.

Different kinds.

It was good too.

My guide is an English teacher. He worked part time as a tour guide.

Some tourists like me rode at the back of the motorcycles of the guides. We all used helmet for safety purposes.

I have noticed that there were more motorcycles than cars in the city.

In the business establishments they have good luck charms like this.

The beautiful Lotus is their national flower.

I have seen this at the park.

I love the shops and the market. They offered variety of stuff, colorful ones. I liked them.


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