It’s All About Me (the newbie blogger)

I lived a simple life these past three years.

I shunned politics since I left the academic life.

I used to teach political science subjects in a university in Manila (Philippines).

The everyday happenings in the country and in the world was part of it.

I haven’t read, written a book or presented a research paper in nearly 3 years also.

For a while I was contented.

Until I started my blog nearly 3 months ago.

Most of my articles so far are about outdoor activities: hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, gardening.

But as I blog, I started yearning for more.

I started noticing everything again.

The election-related advertisements, the caravan of immigrants, the violence, what the leaders say, the snow birds, the oil price, the economy etc.

I might write about these topics someday soon.

For the meantime, I have lined up projects:

I have started an outline of an ebook.

I want to do coffee table books. There are two topics I love most.

I plan to publish instructional materials for special education that I have designed.

I am trying to collaborate with a fellow doctor and researcher a handbook on Methods of Research.

We have co-authored two books about Politics and Governance.

So many exciting projects so little free time.

I work now 7 days a week for nearly a month already.

As I am writing this article, it’s already 11:36 pm.

It’s time to go back to sleep.

God Bless Us All.


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