Month: October 2018

It’s Christmas Time

Christmas in the Philippines starts early. I mean the playing of Christmas songs. The putting up of Christmas trees. People usually do these at the start of ber months – September. I was fond of taking pictures of different Christmas trees. The bigger, the more unique and the […]

What a Wonderful World

Nature. At its best. It felt so wonderful. Communing with nature. The breeze was so relaxing. It was very cold. It made the body alive. The view though compensated for being cold. Seeing the trees, different sizes, different kinds. The creek at the middle of the forest. The […]

Bears Got Lucky Thanks to the Rains

Hunting weekend is over. It’s raining. It’s dangerous hiking to the mountain if it’s raining. It’s slippery. It’s muddy. The rocks could fall. There might be flash flood. Hunters can’t clearly see their way around, it’s dark. In some mountains, as if the clouds came down. It was […]

Review2: Two Months Blogging

Today marks my two months in blogosphere. Thank you to my 2,400 viewers and 1,030 visitors from different countries. You make me going. I try my best to write articles which I hope is informative at times, inspirational, entertaining, Blogging helps me a lot. I learn from the […]

A Friendship Lost: This Is Our End

Have you experienced being betrayed by your friends? Being let down by your once so-called friends? How did you feel? Did you hate them? Did you curse them? Or, did you block or unfriend them in your social media accounts? I used to think that friends are forever. […]

a bunch of Good Samaritan

Kudos to the kind-hearted and generous alumni of The Magsingal Institute (TMI) in the Philippines who are sponsoring deserving students to finish their studies. TMI is my alma mater. It is located in the northern part of the Philippines at Magsingal, Ilocos Sur. I graduated in 1986 (secondary). […]