Month: November 2018

Minding Own Business

Time is gold. At least to most people. But there are others. Who spend precious time. Talking about other people. For what? Why are there rumor mongers? Is it because… they have nothing better to do. they think it’s chic. they envy their victim. they are insecure. they […]

Full of Color and Beauty

One advantage of traveling is you get to see other people’s culture. True you can read about it. But it’s different if you see for yourself. You’ll appreciate it more. This was taken in Bacolod, Philippines. In celebration of the Masskara Festival. Before I visited the city, I […]

Are You A Loser?

I hope you don’t think you are. I believe no one is a loser. It’s all in the mind. And your will. With guts and determination. You can do what you want. You can reach what you dream. Just believe in yourself. And do something. Do not just […]

The “Winter” Fire

At the moment. @ 7:17 pm Arizona time. At the patio. With my fave flowers. The yellow roses. And some pink and peach ones. With my vegetables. The kangkong, the okra. The kamote and yes. The moringa! Not to forget the trees. The orange, the grapefruit and the […]