communication. learn to listen. monopolize the conversation. talk continuously.

Learn to Listen

Communication is supposed to be a two-way process.

Sad to say, there are some people who think otherwise.

These people like to monopolize the conversation.

They talk continuously.

They do not even bother for the reaction of the person they’re with.

They are conversation killers!

I dunno about you.

But people like this piss me off.


I have learned to just say absentmindedly “ya?” to everything such person says to me.

And I just continue to do whatever task is at hand.

Learn to listen.

We learn a lot if only we listen.

We can help others too just by listening to them.

Give others a chance to talk.

And really listen to what they say.

It might help you.

It might solve your problem.

Or it might save you.


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