Month: December 2018

Successful Javelina Hunt

3rd day lucky! The boys finally got their javelina. They’ve been stalking the wild javelinas at the Superstition mountain for three days now. They are bow hunters. Javelina closely resembles a wild pig. But it is a peccary. It has dark coarse hair. It has spearlike canine teeth […]

Missing the Great Outdoors

Never been out to the mountains lately due to work. And of course the cold weather. We were supposed to go javelina spotting yesterday morning, Christmas day. At 5am I tried getting out but it was too cold. So I decided to go back to bed and snore […]

Christmas 2018: Family Tradition

Family reunion. Family bonding. Get together with lots of stories to share. Full of laughter. Teasing. Giving gifts. Exchange gifts. Giving Christmas money for the kids. And of course Food and Drinks. For most families, this is the meaning of Christmas. A once a year gathering of the […]