how to survive in America

How to Survive in America(Part 4)

4. Be a team player.

Don’t be selfish.

You need to cooperate.

No task is beneath you.

Every task is everybody’s task.

Even owners of the businesses do menial tasks at times.

Do not be picky.

If you are, your co-workers would avoid you like a plague.

What do I mean by that?

If you work at a cafe assigned at the cash register.

And, you see that there are tables full of dirty plates.

It wouldn’t hurt you to clean the tables yourself so that guests would be able to sit.

If you are assigned to prepare ingredients for the food.

But you know that servers need someone to do the silverware.

You can help them out for a few minutes.

If you are a caregiver assigned to give medications.

But you see that one resident needs help cleaning herself, you can help her.

Do not just stare into space.

Lift a hand to help.

Do not be picky.

When in need of help, I am sure your co-workers won’t just ignore you.



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