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Christmas 2018: George, the Smart Grandpa

I was a voracious reader.

I guess it started when I heard my Grade 2 teacher told the school superintendent that I was the brightest in class.

Eventually, being insatiable reader was good for my university teaching profession.

I liked playing any word games.

But I love scrabble.

Whenever we played my cousins could not beat me.

Even my selected friends.

So most of the times they didn’t want to play scrabble with me.

They would end up daring me to play chess which they knew I don’t like much.

Almost nobody could beat me in the game.

Except one grandpa whom I met at a carehome 2 years ago.

His name is George.

I took these pictures after one of our scrabble sessions 2 years ago.

I uploaded on my fb too.

He defetead me twice on that day.

I usually invite him to play scrabble whenever he was agitated.

He almost always defeated me.

He was smart.

The first time I won we stopped playing💃.

His pastime at the care home was to make accessories.

The bead necklace was a gift from George.

He gave also one to the male caregiver and the lady residents.

When he transferred to another home he left me a bolo tie as a souvenir.

Earlier today, Christmas day, we visited George at the new home.

He is older.

He is thinner.

But he is still alert and smart.


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