year end review 2018. patience.

A Look Back at 2018 (Part 2)

If there’s one thing 2018 taught me.

It got to be Patience.

I used not to have much patience.

I expected people to understand what I wanted immediately.

My mother used to tell me:

“Do not expect people to be like you. Everyone is different. Even your daughters. Give them a break. Let them enjoy their childhood”.

I used to tutor my eldest daughter every night since her Nursery days.

She was a top student in her class.

However, I stopped setting high standards when my mother told me “let it go”. The child deserves a break.

Any little patience that I had it was used up in the classrooms.

Especially if I handled freshmen.

In 2018, things were beyond my control.

I didn’t like it.

Not even a bit.

But I cannot do anything.

It’s the system.

All must adhere to it.

It was a good thing that my daughters are smart.

They understand it.

Oh how I love them.

Mid of 2018 everything turned out very bright.

And I have learned to enjoy a new profession.

It’s totally different from what I studied and my experience.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could actually do a job as this.

But I am loving every minute.

Plus it’s good money.

And less mental stress.

Maybe one reason why I enjoy it.


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