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I am a teacher, a researcher, and an author. I am a mother of two beautiful girls, Faye & Zoe. I live in Arizona. I am into hunting. I love the mountains, the giant cactus and the flowers. I love to travel.

About Me

Welcome to itslifelyn. A blog where I write about my experiences and insights, my life tips and lessons, and more! I’m Lyn, I was a teacher by profession. I taught at Universities in Manila, Philippines for 22 years. I was a faculty researcher. I am co-author of two […]

How Does Your Garden Grow?

A short video of the Rose Garden in Mesa, Arizona. I hope this inspires people who love gardening like me. To just enjoy our hobby. Continue loving our flowering plants. To keep on taking care of them. Collect more. Propagate more through grafting if possible. Until such a […]

The Chairman

Most people at the Linda’s Hoosier cafe call him “The Chairman”. Other guests call him the “The Newsbreaker”. But some of his news ain’t true. “Your news is fake”, says a lady guest at one time to the Chairman. Especially when he told her that the Neighborhood Walmart […]

Bright Yellow Flowers of Palo Verde Trees

These Palo Verde trees with very beautiful colorful flowers are abound in Arizona.Palo verde is the Arizona state tree.It was named as such in 1954.It has beautiful yellow flowers.And I love yellow flowers.Unfortunately for me I have allergies for these beautiful yellow flowers of the Palo Verdes.But I […]

All About Scrubbies

I didn’t know scrubbies can be useful. That they can be colorful. They are cuties too. Two-tone ones are beautiful in my eyes. They can also be plain one-tone only. What adds to the beauty of these scrubbies are the little tags on them. The tags tell the […]