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I am a teacher, a researcher, and an author. I am a mother of two beautiful girls, Faye & Zoe. I live in Arizona. I am into hunting. I love the mountains, the giant cactus and the flowers. I love to travel.

Elk on the Loose

Elk are members of the deer family. While on a road trip around Arizona, we chanced upon this Bull Elk at the East Verde Estates. It is located six miles North of Payson. Bull Elk is a male elk. Hunters use the presence or absence of antlers to […]

Trixie, the Donkey

I grew up on a farm. Normal sights to me were that  of the carabao (water buffalo), cows, goats, pigs, chickens,and ducks. But of donkeys? No way, Jose! We used to ride the carabao as he grazed grasses. There was even a time when Pat, my first cousin […]