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I am a teacher, a researcher, and an author. I am a mother of two beautiful girls, Faye & Zoe. I live in Arizona. I am into hunting. I love the mountains, the giant cactus and the flowers. I love to travel.

A Look Back at 2018 (Last Part)

Blogging! That’s what happened to me in mid 2018. I published my first article on the 7th of August. To date I have published 121 articles. I am happy with 7,391 views and 2,371 visitors after only 6 months of blogging. Initially I just wanted something to do […]

A Look Back at 2018 (Part 2)

If there’s one thing 2018 taught me. It got to be Patience. I used not to have much patience. I expected people to understand what I wanted immediately. My mother used to tell me: “Do not expect people to be like you. Everyone is different. Even your daughters. […]

The Desert in Snow

It’s been so cold lately in Arizona. On some nights people even covered their plants with blankets to protect them from frost. And today the Superstition Mountain and the Four Peaks snowed. It’s an unusual occurrence. I took the two pictures below on my way home from work […]

Successful Javelina Hunt

3rd day lucky! The boys finally got their javelina. They’ve been stalking the wild javelinas at the Superstition mountain for three days now. They are bow hunters. Javelina closely resembles a wild pig. But it is a peccary. It has dark coarse hair. It has spearlike canine teeth […]

Missing the Great Outdoors

Never been out to the mountains lately due to work. And of course the cold weather. We were supposed to go javelina spotting yesterday morning, Christmas day. At 5am I tried getting out but it was too cold. So I decided to go back to bed and snore […]