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I am a teacher, a researcher, and an author. I am a mother of two beautiful girls, Faye & Zoe. I live in Arizona. I am into hunting. I love the mountains, the giant cactus and the flowers. I love to travel.

Mama Roles on Foundation Day

It was fun attending the “Field Demonstration” of Basic Education Department of the university. It’s the culmination of their week-long celebration of the University Foundation. Different grade levels have dance presentations based on their idol performers. The Grade 7 students danced to the music of the American singer-songwriter […]

Life in Manila: Street Parking

It seems that street parking is allowed by the city government for a fee. There are many issues of corruption about it. Street parking though causes more traffic. Street parking takes the space for pedestrians. In some streets of Manila vendors selling street foods occupy pedestrian’s space also. […]