Mother-daughters Bonding at Lake Mary

We enjoy roadtrip very much. This is one way of our mother-daughters bonding. We like shopping too. Who wouldn’t?💃 But it’s different if you are around nature. It’s always exciting to commune with nature. I want my girls to appreciate more the environment. They really didn’t go anywhere […]

Roadtrip to Sedona

On our way to Sedona, we passed by these beautiful sceneries. The beautiful sunrise over the mountains. Other travellers on the road. The boulder mountains. The communities on the mountains of Payson. We had breakfast at the renowned bee line cafe at Payson. I had the delicious corned […]

Living in Arizona by Zoe

(A guest post by Zoe, my younger daughter. She’s been living in Az for more than a month now) Living in Arizona is good. Life is beautiful. I like it here. It’s not crowded, at least in our place.The houses are far from each other. It’s not noisy.At […]