Learn to Listen

Communication is supposed to be a two-way process. Sad to say, there are some people who think otherwise. These people like to monopolize the conversation. They talk continuously. They do not even bother for the reaction of the person they’re with. They are conversation killers! I dunno about […]

Love Yourself!

Love yourself. Do not allow others to manipulate you. My mother used to tell me that there are two kinds of people on earth: the manipulator and the victim. That there are manipulators because there are people who allow themselves to be manipulated! Stop being a push over. […]

Be Kind to Others!

It costs us nothing to be kind. I am wary of strangers but I try to be kind to all. Especially to the olds. Old people have a special place in my heart. When I see them, it reminds me of my mother. Bless her soul. I miss […]