Life in Manila: Street Parking

It seems that street parking is allowed by the city government for a fee. There are many issues of corruption about it. Street parking though causes more traffic. Street parking takes the space for pedestrians. In some streets of Manila vendors selling street foods occupy pedestrian’s space also. […]

Life in Manila: High Prices

In my previous articles I have written about inflation. But I was shocked with the very high prices of everything in Manila. I had difficulty understanding what happened. My friends and my daughters have different explanations. Even my Grade 7 Fiona she can explain what […]

Bonding With My Girls

It’s good to be back! I am visiting Manila, Philippines for a few weeks. It’s sooooo good to be with my girls again. I enjoy every moment with them. We watch movies. We eat out. I walk them to the university everyday. I am happy to see old […]

Practice Driving @50

Finally, got the guts to seriously learn how to drive! I like it. I regret not driving before. But on second thought, maybe not. Ctto. With such heavy traffic in Manila, Philippines where I come from. And there were many options to commute there. I usually took the […]