Are You A Loser?

I hope you don’t think you are. I believe no one is a loser. It’s all in the mind. And your will. With guts and determination. You can do what you want. You can reach what you dream. Just believe in yourself. And do something. Do not just […]

The “Winter” Fire

At the moment. @ 7:17 pm Arizona time. At the patio. With my fave flowers. The yellow roses. And some pink and peach ones. With my vegetables. The kangkong, the okra. The kamote and yes. The moringa! Not to forget the trees. The orange, the grapefruit and the […]

Be Courteous

At all times! To all persons. Regardless of status. Whether educated or not. No one can make me feel inferior now. Gone were the days, When I just let other people had their way, Because they were somebody, Or, the family was known in the community. Or, they […]

The Great Outdoors

I have rediscovered the outdoor life! I grew up in a small village. As a young girl I used to help worked on the farm. I studied and worked in the city. I taught for more than 20 years in a university. For a while I had no […]