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How Does Your Garden Grow?

A short video of the Rose Garden in Mesa, Arizona. I hope this inspires people who love gardening like me. To just enjoy our hobby. Continue loving our flowering plants. To keep on taking care of them. Collect more. Propagate more through grafting if possible. Until such a […]

Bright Yellow Flowers of Palo Verde Trees

These Palo Verde trees with very beautiful colorful flowers are abound in Arizona.Palo verde is the Arizona state tree.It was named as such in 1954.It has beautiful yellow flowers.And I love yellow flowers.Unfortunately for me I have allergies for these beautiful yellow flowers of the Palo Verdes.But I […]

Quietly Goes the Day

I am sharing with you pictures that were taken just a few minutes ago. We’ve been doing walking exercise for the 3rd day now. Today we took a few minutes time out to take these photos. Such awesomeness!

The Wonderful World

I feel so relaxed whenever I am around these green trees. Especially with my girls. Working is okay. The money is good. But I am always happy to go out of the city on a weekend. Just looking at these mountains recharges me. These sceneries always remind me […]

Mother-daughters Bonding at Lake Mary

We enjoy roadtrip very much. This is one way of our mother-daughters bonding. We like shopping too. Who wouldn’t?💃 But it’s different if you are around nature. It’s always exciting to commune with nature. I want my girls to appreciate more the environment. They really didn’t go anywhere […]

Living in Arizona by Zoe

(A guest post by Zoe, my younger daughter. She’s been living in Az for more than a month now) Living in Arizona is good. Life is beautiful. I like it here. It’s not crowded, at least in our place.The houses are far from each other. It’s not noisy.At […]